A paradise for all lovers of nature

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Naturist Camping Mas de la Balma

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A family naturist campsite in southern France where naturism feels natural.

Naturist campsite Mas de la Balma is located in the Eastern Pyrenees. Close to the border with Spain, it is situated at 350 m above sea level, at the foot of the 'legendary' mountain: the Canigou. A naturist Beach on the Mediterranean Sea is from the camp-site a one hour drive. Here, far away from the hustle, bustle and the noise of the cities life, you will find a beautiful naturist nature reserve. Small mountain streams traverse 62 hectares of mixed forest of oak, chestnut, ash, poplar, alder and hazel trees. You can spend here hours of walking in a nature where naturisme feels natural. Children learn to discover nature and experience how they can enjoy themselves in it. For younger children, the campsite looks like one big playground. There is always a little friend nearby to play with.

La Balma is a paradise for young and old, far away from the hustle and bustle of life in the cities.

The atmosphere at the camp is largely made by the guests. Mas de la Balma naturists comprise a wide variety of ages: young families, families with teenagers, young adults and the elderly. Besides the great diversity in ages, there is a wide variety of nationalities. Our guests come from Catalonia, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, Italy, but also Canada, Australia and New Sealand.
Guests of La Balma spontaneously talk to each other, eat, party and enjoy naturism and nature together. The very spacious pitches intensify these paradisiac feelings

The naturist camping site is known for its friendly atmosphere and tranquility.

It is a source of inspiration and relaxation for all nature lovers.



mark rachel

Ton Custers

‘T is al donker, ‘t glaas half laeg
de letste windj dae zeuk zich ziene waeg
verlaote sjteul op ein laeg terras
ein zaag geluid vanoet de Mas
de sjlaop dae wint de daag zeuk rös
‘T is de nach dae weer de sjterre kös
de grote baer dae kiek voldaon
en zeuk tösse de berg ein halve maon

‘T is gedaon weer veur vandaag,
morge eine nuuje daag
mit luuj die se weer kenne leers
mit druime die se oetprobeers
kiek wie de waeg nao ‘t paradies,
morge weer te gaon
net wie ‘t water van de waterval
langzaam wegdruimt in de maon

Vertroewd geluid noe van de nach
nooit ech gaon sjlaope mer de ganse daag gewach
örges geslumerd zich versjaole veur de zón
tösse de berg toet det de nach opnuuj begón
En eederein dae noe nag wakker is
dae veult de vrieheid hiej zo wie ze is
wie dae man dae sjteit veur waat d’r sjteit
kiekend nao de daag dae ten inj noe geit

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Season 2022:  The naturist camping Mas de la Balma will open on the wednesday 1st of June and closes at Sunday septembre the 4th.

Reception desk is open from 9am till 7pm

mob reduiteReception of MOTORHOMES only on reservation, tel.0033468390888 (Maximum length of the camper is 7m. Not allowed with trailer)