A paradise for all lovers of nature

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Enjoying the freedom of naturism: walking and swimming

Swimming in a natural water pool with great waterfall

Plan d'eau

The natural water pool in the lowest part of the camping site is fed with water from the river by a beautiful waterfall. Next to the natural waterpool are the ruins of an old Catalan watermill - forge. The channel which used to flow through the mill, now feeds the beautiful waterfall and by that the natural water pool. For many guests it is a challenge to jump into the natural pool from the four meter high waterfall. The plan d'eau is surrounded by sunbathing areas and plenty of natural shade.

Le paradis

From the other side of the camping site the river of Saint Marsal flows through a rocky bed into a natural basin. A beautiful pool in the river where it is wonderful to splash and play, it is called 'Paradis'. Many adults and children share the fun: building dams, following the river and admiring all kinds of life as occur in and around the water.

Naturist walks on more then 50 ha of beautiful nature

To enjoy nature even more the ground of La Balma has a number of well-marked walking trails. All walks are on the grounds of La Balma and are naturist walks with a duration of about one hour. Sometimes they follow the centuries-old donkey trails and sometimes the old riverbeds.

  Basic Walk (70 minutes)

This walk brings you to the special places of the campsite.You start at the old Mas, and walk along the path of the camping to the Plan d'eau. After that you pass a riverbed and will after a short walk arrive  at Le Paradis.
Along this basic walk you will find the starting points of all other walks.

  Route de Riu Sec (30 minutes)

Riu Sec means 'dry river'. The route leads you mainly over trails along a dry river and through its bed..
The walk has a connection to the walking path to the village Taulis.

  Route the Coustou (90 minutes)

The Coustou is the mountain opposite the campingsite and is visible from nearly all pitches. The trail has some steep parts, so sound shoes are indispensable for this walk.
The climb will be rewarding. There are many view points from which you can you can have a spendid view on the mountainous scenery. Maybe you can even recognize your own tent or caravan from one of those view points.
You can also follow the road to Saint Marsal from the route the Coustou.

  Route de Ravin d'en Marti (50 minutes)

A centuries-olddonkey-trail leads you from the camping site to the Ravin d'en Marti. After ten minutes walk you will arrive at a point which you might not easily forget. Not only because of the 360​​° panorama, but also because of the unprecedented tranquillity. From this viewpoint the trail goes down and after that a bit of climb straight across the forest leads to the next viewpoint.
Also for this walk is sound shoes are indispensable.

Walks outside the naturist camping site

The camping site is very appreciated by mountain hikers. They have their base camp on La Balma and make day trips from here. There are often experienced mountain hikers who will walk with less experienced guests to show them the region from a different perspective.
The reception of La Balma has maps of walking trails in the region as well as suggestions for other activities in the region.